Create your own forest by planting and giving trees

discover the weight of your lifestyle, neutralize your emissions, and make a concrete contribution to developing countries.

With Treedom you can...

Plant your tree

Choose the species or the project you prefer: a baobab or a passion fuit in Senegal, an avocado in Cameroon and many more. From your personal page you can follow and personalize your tree. A farmer will plant and take care of it for you.

Follow your tree

All of us at Treedom like to show you your trees: every tree, as soon as it's planted, is photographed and trackable thanks to GPS coordinates. You can wait to receive the pictures of your tree or go see it in person.

Weigh the CO2 of your lifestyle

Find out the environmental impact of your daily activities. Weigh the CO2 kg of your lifestyle, accept some advices to reduce them and get some help from trees when necessary.

Give an evergreen gift,
even for the person whom has everything

Dedicate a tree to a special person and plant it in his name. You can personalize your tree with a message and follow its growth together with whom received the gift.

Discover where we plant

Where the trees can do very well to the environment, of course, but also to the people. Around the world, our trees are always planted by whom needs their fruits the most and receive local benefits.

Green dye your business

Innovative solutions for communication, green marketing and CSR strategies: from the corporate forest to the CO2neutral event, discover all our services for your activity.

Receive your tree as a gift

Received a tree as a gift? Keep the tree-code at hand and click here to receive it.