What you can do with Treedom

Together we can help make the world greener and fairer! Choose from different options and do your part.


Plant a tree

It's a simple gesture with a big impact.

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Make a difference each month

Make a long-term commitment to the planet and plant new trees every month.


Gift a tree

Reach anyone, anytime, with a thought that goes straight to the heart.


Grow your Forest

Cultivate your connection with nature and share it with whoever you want.

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First time on Treedom?

Explore our platform and learn about the benefits of tree planting.

tree page on a phone display

What happens after planting?

From that first, magical click with which you plant a tree, two parallel stories start: one is about you, the other about the person who will take care of your seedling.

Learn all about your tree

Planting a tree will give you access to MyTreedom, our digital platform full of content that will keep you up to date on Treedom's projects and the environment: country news, climate change, botanical species, green culture, and of course the pages of your trees.

Support local communities

Your tree will be planted by a local farmer who will receive training and financial support. He will be the caretaker of your trees and enjoy their fruit.

Help for the environment

Finally, all trees absorb CO2 in the course of their growth, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.