Choose and plant your trees

Have you ever thought about planting a tree?It is a simple gesture, which has a great impact. It will benefit the environment and people, while also becoming an original gift for the ones you love.

Have you ever thought about planting trees every month?

Choose the profile that’s the best fit for you and start planting trees every month.
Whether you’re a Rookie, Hero or Master, you’ll find the right one for you.

Why a tree, why Treedom?

What it means to plant a tree with Treedom.

Choose your tree

A farmer will plant it in his or her country and take care of it. Your tree will be photographed and geolocated.

Follow its story

Your tree will have its own online page, where over time it will tell you what it's helping to achieve.

You will support farmer communities

The fruits of your tree will belong to the farmer, who will be able to use them as a food resource or support for their income.

You will contribute to make the planet greener

As your tree grows, it will absorb CO2, protect the soil and biodiversity.

Here you can plant a tree with a click, choose the species, name them and discover their meaning. A tree makes a perfect green gift for a birthday or anniversary. Plant a tree and, not only will you make your loved one very happy, you’ll be contributing to a greener and fairer planet. Choose from the many species available online: horoscope trees, forests, kits and limited editions. Find a meaning that suits your tree.