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Select a sustainable and ambitious sustainability initiative that delivers environmental, social, and economic benefits. Showcase your environmental commitment by aligning it with your communication, employer branding, and social responsibility objectives.

Holiday Season 2023
Holiday Season 2023

Merry Switchmas

This year, make a conscious choice to turn off wasteful practices like disposable gifts, excess wrapping paper, and unnecessary shipping. Instead, power up positive impact. Opt to support projects that create tangible, measurable benefits for both the planet and its people.
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How we can assist you

Through Treedom, you can accomplish your communication, marketing, and social responsibility objectives, delivering tangible benefits to both the planet and people.


Digital offerings

Your forest is now more accessible than ever! With Treedom's digital services, you can inform, engage, and raise awareness.

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A digital postcard that immerses you in the heart of Treedom's projects. Easily share it with a URL through email, text message, or QR code.


Have fun and learn with our interactive quiz about nature and the amazing benefits of trees for the planet and people.


Easily add an interactive map to your website to see where your trees are growing worldwide.
Email Signature

Email signature

Show your commitment to the environment in every email. Add a link to your Corporate Forest to display how many trees you've planted and where they're growing.


Our eco-friendly items are made from responsibly sourced FSC® paper and can be customized with your logo and message.

PopUp Card

Pop Up Card

Open this card to reveal a hidden tree and use the QR code to receive your tree or visit your Forest.
Flat Card

Flat Card

This elegantly designed card features a printed QR code for tree redemption or access to your Forest.


Create a Mini Forest on Your Desk! The Harmonica unfolds, revealing a symbol of the impact you're making in far-off places.
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Media resources

Spreading the word about your commitment is key, both to reach your goals and motivate others to join in. Our __communication materials__ make it easy.

Photo Pack

Photo Pack

Professional photos from Treedom's agroforestry projects.


Engaging videos to connect with your audience.
Social Posts

Social Media Posts

Ready-to-use content for your social channels.

Texts and graphics

The right words and images to showcase your dedication.
Planting Record

Planting Record

Print or share your certificate to commemorate your accomplishments.
QR Code Image

QR-Linked Image

Stunning project photos that transport you to the heart of your corporate forest through the QR code.
Holiday Season 2023

Merry Switchmas

Here are the services we've designed to assist you in making a positive impact, even during the holiday season.

Digital offerings

Tree Journey


"When you gift a tree, you'll dive into the Treedom universe, with captivating projects and personal stories from people worldwide. "


Fruit Cards

Fruit Cards

Vibrant cards featuring Avocado, Orange, and Mango – three essential fruits in our projects. Use them to decorate 'This is Not a Christmas Tree' or as tree gifts.

This is not a Christmas Tree

This year, showcase your commitment to planting trees rather than cutting them down. Choose 'This is Not a Christmas Tree' and proudly display it in your lobby, meeting rooms, or point of sale.

Media resources


Dedicated Media Kit

Access photos, videos, and social posts to tell your commitment's story. Our Media Kit offers both ready-made content and customizable elements.
What you get

The Treedom online experience

On this customizable page, you can showcase your full-circle commitment. All the trees, forests, and accolades earned on our platform will be neatly arranged here.

Stay in the Loop

We'll provide you with frequent updates on the agroforestry projects your company supports, all available in the Tree Diary.

Measuring Your Impact

Track the number of trees planted and the CO₂ absorbed, all prominently displayed on your company profile.

Interactive Map

A tool to map the locations where your trees are flourishing around the world.


All the forests you've created will forever be accessible on your profile.

How it works

The collaborative process with companies

Each solution is customized to your requirements and unfolds in four steps.

Step 1

We make it official

Let's get started. Together, we define your journey, establishing the activities to be undertaken and the terms of your commitment during the planning phase.

Step 2

We craft your tree mix

After the contract is signed, our forestry team designs your unique tree mix by selecting from various designs, species, and countries.

Step 3

We customise your forest page and profile

From now on, you will have a profile page and your digital Forest on our site, which we will customise according to your specifications.

Step 4

We deliver your package

You'll receive your personalized Media Kit, links to your profile, your forest, and codes for gifting your trees.


Join over 10,000 companies

Treedom brings your Digital Forest to life and helps you share your commitment to sustainability.
See how other companies are making a difference with our support.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore customer testimonials and visit their Digital Forests. Discover how companies, both big and small, are incorporating tree planting into their sustainability strategies, fostering a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Andrea Tomasoni-logo
Andrea Tomasoni

Web Developer, Lo Studio

One tree planted for every website published. This is the goal our web agency has committed to. Embracing sustainability means not feeling obligated to take action for the environment, but doing so willingly because we genuinely believe in it. We have established our own forest in collaboration with Treedom, and both our employees and customers have the opportunity to contribute. And now we realize that we are not alone in our beliefs!

Jim Pisani-logo
Jim Pisani

Global President, Timberland

Trees and green spaces contribute to improving the quality of our planet and individual well-being. Our commitment to plant trees is a real and measurable way of acting on the belief that a greener future is a better future. We encourage people around the world to join the movement by taking heroic actions for nature, big or small.