Best Friends

2 trees kit
Is it a gift?

What is the kit about?

Friendship is made up of many things and nothing at all ... Sometimes it goes through a lifetime, sometimes it's captured in only one glance ... By planting these two trees and gifting one to a friend, you will tie your feeling to something that will grow over time and will become its caretaker.

How does it work

1. Plant the two trees of this special couple.

2. You can decide whether to gift one or both trees to whoever you want.

3. Gift it with the delivery method you prefer.

What's included?

What's included?

Transparency and traceability

All Treedom's trees are geolocated and photographed when they are planted. Once a tree has been purchased, it takes between a few weeks and several months before it's ready to be planted.

An enduring story

Each tree has its own Diary, an online page where you can discover its special features and follow the story of the project it is part of.

An original gift

Gifting a tree is really easy. You can do this during the purchase process or at any time from your profile, choosing the method you prefer (by email, message or by printing a card to deliver by hand).

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Best Friends

The kit contains the following trees

Mangrove Best Friends

Scientific specie:Rhizophora mangle

What kind of tree is it?

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Food Security


Economic development


CO₂ Absorption


Environmental protection


Local uses


It helps restocking various animal species, thus helping the variety of fauna and flora overall.


It improves the quality of the soil thanks to the nitrogen fixation process or it reduces soil erosion, thanks to its extended root system.