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Scientific species:Azadirachta indica
Is it a gift?

What kind of tree is it?

A native of India and Burma, the Neem is an evergreen tree that can reach up to 30 metres in height. It is used as a shade tree, thanks to its thick foliage, and as a barrier to desertification, especially in the Saharan regions. But its peculiarity is above all that told by its name in Sanskrit: Sarva roda nidarini, the healer of all ills. There's an almost infinite amount of uses for every part of this tree, from the bark to the leaves.

What's included?

Transparency and traceability

All Treedom's trees are geolocated and photographed when they are planted. Once a tree has been purchased, it takes between a few weeks and several months before it's ready to be planted.

An enduring story

Each tree has its own Diary, an online page where you can discover its special features and follow the story of the project it is part of.

An original gift

Gifting a tree is really easy. You can do this during the purchase process or at any time from your profile, choosing the method you prefer (by email, message or by printing a card to deliver by hand).