Terms and Conditions



Hereby are regulated the conditions applied for purchases made by the user on www.treedom.net, the web platform owned by Treedom.

The user who proceeds to buy a service on this platform agrees to have read and accepted the following terms and conditions. The user of the platform (whether it is an individual, a company, an institution, etc.) may request to plant, within the agroforestry projects promoted by Treedom, one or more trees on its behalf or on behalf of third parties; in the first case, the service is generically referred to as "plant" one or more trees, while in the second case, it is referred to as "giving a tree", where a third party is the recipient of the tree.

The user holder of a tree is also the holder of a specified quantity of kilograms of CO2, which represents a conservative estimate of how much CO2 the tree will absorb, except as detailed in section 6 (IT procedures). Treedom accounts for itself and for third parties to implement the planting requested by the user.

The planting is performed within agroforestry projects located throughout the world, which are approved by Treedom if they are deemed suitable to be promoted on the platform and comply with the requirements and operational criteria. These projects are executed by local farmers, who carry out the planting of new trees as a result of the economical contribution of the users of the platform. Often (but not necessarily) farmers operate under the coordination of cooperatives, NGOs or other organizations working in the area of the project.


1. Company details

Treedom s.r.l., with registered office in Florence, Italy, viale Augusto Righi 66, 50137

Tel - Fax +39 055 050 3228, info@treedom.net

Number of Registration with the Florence Company Register, Tax and VAT Code 06054770489



The user purchases, upon payment, the planting service of one or more trees within the projects promoted by Treedom. Treedom shall, on its behalf or of third parties, organize the planting service requested by the user.

Since the object of the transaction consists of a service, the user will not physically receive anything arboreal; in fact, the trees are exclusively planted within the land involved within the projects approved and supported by Treedom, but not in land(s) available to the user. As a result, the user cannot boast nor claim any ownership rights over neither the trees requested to plant nor the fruits produced by the trees. The user, through the execution of the purchase order, declares to have read and accepted the general terms and conditions set forth below and agrees to observe and respect them in its relations with Treedom or third parties as part of the service in question.

The contract for the service offered shall be considered completed when Treedom receives, from the user, the request for planting. Treedom will promptly send to the user a notification for having received the planting order (by e-mail). In light of the nature of the service, by accepting this contract, the customer agrees to its immediate execution, meaning Treedom may proceed, even immediately, with the planting service delivery requested.



The fee for planting each individual tree is expressed on the platform in Euros (€). The price is determined based on the tree species, the CO2 absorption potential, the country where it is planted, and may vary depending on the level of supply and demand, as well as specific promotional campaigns.

Therefore, the price of each arboreal element will vary from species to species and the same species may have different prices in different periods. The updated price list is published at the following web address: https://www.treedom.net/fr/plant-a-tree and the user shall consider the indicated prices as a reference at the time of each order.

The indicated price is inclusive of all charges, including Value Added Tax (VAT), and is paid in a lump sum. The service planting does not require by the user any additional cost. If the user, contextually, requests the planting of more arboreal elements, the total amount to be paid to Treedom will be indicated at the end of the shopping session, that is before proceeding to the payment.

The payment is made in a lump sum at the time of the online purchase. The system is controlled by the electronic payment platform Braintree. This platform offers several methods of payment, such as PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and payment with MasterPass.



Upon purchase, the user indicates the desired amount of trees to be planted, choosing from the available species. Treedom shall, on its behalf or of third parties, provide the planting service requested by the user with the timeframes indicated below. The planting service is usually carried out in two stages: the setting up of the tree in the nursery and the transplant.

The first stage takes place no later than 30 days from the request of the user, and the second no later than 18 months from the request. These timeframes may vary depending on the conditions and seasonal cycles of the areas where the planting projects are implemented.

Treedom will replace any plants that have not taken root within three years since the implementation of the planting requested received from the user.



Treedom is exempt from all responsibility for the total or partial non-performance of any obligations set forth in these general sales conditions, if such failure is caused by unpredictable events and/or natural events outside of its control and its responsibility, including, but not limited to, natural (disasters) events, acts of terrorism, wars and riots.

It should be noted that, for reasons of force majeure, the species selected by the user within the order process may not be available at the appropriate time when the transplant should be implemented. Similarly, it may not be possible to proceed to transplant in the country indicated on the platform at the moment of the order.

This may occur in the case of:

  1. impossibility to operate in the country indicated on the platform at the time of the order due to climatic, ecological, political, social adversities, that is operational difficulties to properly manage and maintain the project;

  2. impossibility to operate, under safe conditions, in the countries in which it is possible to plant the requested species either from Treedom’s staff considerations and/or the agricoltural and environmental conditions for the growth of the trees;

  3. rooting failures of the species in the nursery or a high probability that the species, once transplanted, does not take root;

  4. possible failure to plant the species chosen by the user as a result of events that are not predictable and not attributable to the work of Treedom, such as, but not limited to, the sudden difficulty in obtaining the raw agricultural materials or the unexpected and unpredictable raising cost of the planting and the management of the species itself, determined by events unrelated to the relationship between Treedom and the user (including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical discoveries) that do not allow to implemet, under the conditions agreed upon, of the agreement between parties.

In the cases referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article (or in similar cases), the user agrees that the planting service requested may be carried out in different countries and/or with different tree species, being understood that the quantity of trees planted will not be less than the ones originally requested and, in any case, that the total CO2 storage capacity will not be less than the one estimated, by the user, at the time of the request of the planting order.



In order to request the planting service online (on its behalf or on behalf of third parties as part of the "give a tree" service), the user has to register into the Treedom community and have read and accepted the Information on the processing of Personal Data.

After the registration, the user can avail the services and information available on the platform described in detail herein. Following the implementation of a planting order (carried out by the user or any other part of the "give a tree" service), the user becomes a "virtual accountholder" in the platform.

The virtual accountholder owns the tree and the corresponding kgs of CO2 that the tree will, supposedly, absorb over time. Among the services available on the platform (detailed therein), there is the possibility for the user to calculate its CO2 emissions and neutralize them, thanks to the kgs of CO2 that each user is provided with in relation to the implemented planting orders.

If any user doesn’t log in into the platform for 6 consecutive months, the CO2 potentially absorbable by the trees for which it is the accountholder would become usable in full or in part by other users. Before that happens, the user will be informed and invited by Treedom to log in into the platform in order to remain the accountholder of the CO2. Regarding the "give a tree" service, where the recipient is not yet a registered member of the Treedom community, the tree will be assigned only when the recipient carries out the registration process.

Therefore, if the recipient never registers into the community - that is the timeframe before its registration - the accountholder of the tree(s) (and the resulting kgs of CO2) will be the user who requested the planting and carried out the payment.



For information and clarifications about the terms and conditions of service, as well as any complaints, customers can contact Treedom by phone calling the number +39 055 050 3228 from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 13:30 PM (GMT+1) or by email writing to info@treedom.net.



Italian law governs the contract between the User and Treedom. In the event of a dispute between the User and Treedom, where the User is a "Consumer", the territorial jurisdiction is that of the court of reference of its municipality of residence, under the Legislative Decree no. September 6, 2005, n. 206, and in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively the one of the Court of Florence.



Treedom reserves the right to change the Services offered, policies and these Terms and Conditions at any time to offer new products or services or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. You will be subject to the policies and terms of these Terms and Conditions in effect at the time you use Treedom's Services.

Should any provision of these conditions be deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, such condition shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions. These conditions will be updated periodically. It is the customer's responsibility to always refer to the latest version published on the website.



Users' data are processed by Treedom in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data, as better specified in the Privacy Policy as well as in the Privacy and Cookie Policy.